The above illustration, "Blowing Bubbles," has been adapted for use here by generous permission from the artist, Cyril Rolando.

August 15, 2011

Pulp Ink will tattoo YOU.

PULP INK has arrived. Twenty-four stories of highly diversified pulp from authors as well known as Reed Farrel Coleman, Allan Guthrie, and Hilary Davidson; and as unknown as, well, yours truly. I'm thrilled to have a story resting cheek by jowl with theirs. (Okay, really, my story is sandwiched between Richard Godwin's and Jimmy Callaway's, and what's that say about me, I'd like (or not) to know?)

And because I worked hard on this story and someone damned well ought to read it, I'm giving away THREE copies (from amazon Kindle or from Smashwords). And even if you don't like my writing, you must read Eric Beetner's story, Zed's Dead, Baby. If you don't like that one, better check your own pulse to see if it's any stronger than Zed's.

The first three people to email me at mentioning PULP INK will win these freebies! Good luck! 
John Kenyon, Brian Lindenmuth, and Brad Green have each won a free copy of PULP INK. Congratulations, guys, and thanks for playing!


  1. Readers of Drowning Machine,

    If you have any sense of humor, you'll love Naomi's story.


  2. Thanks, Chris! Your check is in the mail.

  3. It's a cracker, Naomi. I really love it. Thanks for being on board.


  4. The next check I kite, Nigel, it will be payable to you, I promise!