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June 15, 2011 see what condition my condition was in...

A flying visit to the blog. I might finish this post before the wee one learns of my absence, if luck is with me. But if I suddenly abandon you for the world's youngest Abba fan*, who shall blame me?

The workaholics at Spinetingler are expanding their duties from zine to e-publisher with the launch of Snubnose Press. According to the good folks at Spinetingler:

"Spinetingler Magazine has been publishing new and emerging writers since 2005. Building from that foundation Snubnose Press will seek to publish only the best in short crime fiction. With the traditional publishing market contracting, Snubnose Press will fill this gap by publishing original anthologies, novellas and short novels.

Visit Snubnose Press at

The debut title of Snubnose Press is an anthology of six original short stories called Speedloader. Upcoming releases will include short story collections by Patti Abbott and Sandra Seamans."

The Watery Grave Invitational proceeds apace. The judges have 18 original stories in their hands even as I type this. The winner will be announced this Sunday, the 19th. I'm very pleased with the quality and variety of the submissions, and I can assure you that the judges are not having an easy time of it.


The only athletes for whom I have less sympathy than Lebron James are the cheaters at my alma mater, Ohio State. Do I detect a note of sincerity in Terrelle Pryor's apology to fans, teammates, coaches and the university? I do not. I detect the fine hand of his agent, pointing him toward the things that have to be done to begin to rehabilitate his image. Smoke and mirrors, they never go out of style, do they?. The NCAA cannot come down hard enough on the school, as far as this fan is concerned. It's going to take a lot to root out a deeply entrenched culture of cheating.


Woops, I hear the wee one garbling my name!


  1. Good stuff, Naomi -- except for that Pryor apology. Between USC and OSU, there's a lot of room for improvement.

  2. lovely to have one's name garbled, isn't it.
    the Snubnose launch is surely going to be among the major events of the year and good luck to them.