The above illustration, "Blowing Bubbles," has been adapted for use here by generous permission from the artist, Cyril Rolando.

May 9, 2011

WGI: Wading in the water.

I'm thrilled to see such a positive and immediate response to this year's Watery Grave Invitational. Nine out of ten of those who received the automatic or personal invitations have already accepted. And as of this writing, fourteen writers have tossed their hats into the ring to vie for the remaining ten invitations. Quality? There is some serious quality already in play this year. But don't let me sell you. These writers' work sells itself with no help from me.

Here are the folks with automatic or personal invitations who've already accepted the challenge. I count several award winners/finalists among this group.
Nigel Bird
Joe Hartlaub
Chad Eagleton
Liam Jose
Ian Ayris
David Cranmer
Jane Hammons
Todd Mason
Paul D. Brazill
And here is what I think is already a most impressive list of writers, each of whom has demonstrated the necessary chops to rake in all the chips this year:

All of the above links, plus others that will (I hope) be added during the week, will be available throughout the entire competition in the right-most sidebar, under the heading "WGI APPLICANTS - 2011."

I am so excited to see the level of competition we are going to have. You writers, you all ROCK!


  1. I'm pretty stoked and honored to be back.

    Though, I have to confess, I really hate baseball. So, I hope this time around it's not something like baseball.

  2. So cool (as well as that old Beatles short that was the precursor of the music video). Thanks, Naomi!

  3. Chad, for a guy who hates baseball, you went as heavy or heavier on theme as anybody. You could have just had a baseball on a desk in somebody's office, but you went for the whole enchilada. And got a Spinetingler nom for it -- think how good the next story will be if I pick something you like.

    Michael -- I went looking for a rock song about writers. Could there be any other choice than that one? BTW, I was stunned that Macca announced he's remarrying someone else. Doesn't he know how long I've been waiting???