The above illustration, "Blowing Bubbles," has been adapted for use here by generous permission from the artist, Cyril Rolando.

June 17, 2010

Watery Grave Winners!

I've taken so long to announce the winners of the Watery Grave Invitational Short Story Contest that some of you may have given up hope. I apologize for the delay -- the heat does crazy things to us here in Ohio. The amazing mix of stories resulted in almost every story receiving points from the judges and made consensus virtually impossible. I eventually resorted to putting the matter before members of my writing group to determine tie-breakers. The first-place story will be posted later today, while the second and third place stories will be posted later this week if the authors permit.

And the winners are:
  1. Beat on the Brat by Nigel Bird.($25)
  2. When You're a Jet by Joe Hartlaub ($15)
  3. Ghostman on Third by Chad Eagleton ($10)
  4. Hanging Curve by Dan Ames (a bye into the next WGI)
  5. The Big Fuzz by Liam Jose (a bye into the next WGI)
I'd like to thank all of the authors for their talent, their diligence and their patience. You made the whole process a joy.

My thanks also to the judges: God love Aldo Calcagno, the well-known and greatly respected maestro of Powder Burn Flash and Darkest Before the Dawn webzines. I pestered the poor man to death, but he remained calm and patient with me through it all. And if you don't know Elyse Dinh, you've missed meeting one of the brightest, funniest people in the cyberworld. Elyse is a voracious reader of crime fiction, blogger (Pop Culture Nerd) and freelance editor. She's also a former news reporter who occasionally had contact with lowlife, but is 90% sure it didn't rub off on her. The rest of us put that percentage a bit lower. My thanks also to a subsection of the Franklinton Writers Group for breaking ties and adding insight.


  1. Congrats to all and a big congrats to Da Boid!

  2. Congrats to the winners! Also, thanks to Aldo, Elyse, and Naomi for all of their work on this. I'm looking forward to reading the stories!

  3. Congrats to all the winners, and a big shout-out to Naomi for marshaling the forces of good to get this done. Another winning WGI! Thanks very much for this.

  4. Congrats to all the winners! I've got some reading to do.

  5. Congratulations to the winners, and to Naomi for pulling it all together!

  6. a huge thank you for the competition and to the judges - reading their names is rather humbling. any community needs movers and shakers, so i'd like to thank naomi et al on behalf of the writing community for blowing real hard on them trees to make them bend.
    and me, well i'm typing this while my insides are still stuck to the ceiling.