The above illustration, "Blowing Bubbles," has been adapted for use here by generous permission from the artist, Cyril Rolando.

June 7, 2010


Today's review comes from a young friend, Marie S., a middle-schooler who agreed to read The Tilting House, by Tom Llewellyn, and report on it.
This story is about two kids named Josh and Aaron Peshik, who live in a house with tilting floors. They have many exciting adventures in this house after they find the diary of the mad scientist who built the house.

This book was so good because it has a lot of adventure, and I love adventure. The ending was my favorite part of the book. It was so detailed and made perfect sense. All of the characters in the book are believable.

My favorite characters are Josh and his neighbor, Lola. What I like about Lola and Josh is that they are not afraid of anything and love to be adventurous.

I would recommend this book to all teenagers and younger kids who can read alone. My brother, Richard, is almost sixteen, and he really liked this book, too. I would love to read another book by this author.

A word of caution (or encouragement, depending on whether you like adventure as much as Marie): this book contains talking rats, growth potion, and buried treasure. Who, at any age, can resist all of that? In case you think you are capable of resistance, I dare you to check out the brilliantly designed official website for The Tilting House. Watch the video (there or below), play with the growth powder, and listen to the old man muttering to himself.

I gave this book to Marie to review so that I could weasel out of writing a review, but now I'm sorry that I did that without reading it first because she doesn't want to give the book back.


  1. I'm all over this.

    I cannot resist rats, potions, or treasure. I just can't.

  2. What does that say about us both?

  3. It looks absolutely wonderful and the pictures and voice did a great job of seducing me - not that I needed it after I read the review by Marie, who did a tremendous job of telling me all I need to know. Books for younger people should be reviewed by younger people - that makes complete sense to me.
    Yesterday I went to see Alice In Wonderland. I can see some crossover here. Look forward to reading it to my own children.
    Mind if I blog a link to the interview? nigel

  4. Naomi,tell Marie I enjoyed her review. I have put this book on my TBR list.

  5. This sounds wonderful! I will sneak this book from my children while they are fast asleep, muhaha!!

  6. I'll tell her, Joe. She'll be thrilled.

    Diane, good luck with that tactic.

  7. I read my book and cannot wait to see further adventures.

  8. Glad you enjoyed it, Mark. I think it's a winner, too.

  9. It looks absolutely beautiful voice and images and did a great job to seduce me - not that I need it after I read a review by Marie, who has done a fantastic job of telling me everything I needed to know. Books for younger employees should be reviewed by the young - that makes sense to me completely. Yesterday I went to see Alice in Wonderland. I can see some crossover here. I look forward to read it to my children. Mind if I blog a link to the interview? Nigel