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March 12, 2010

Short takes #7 and miscellany

Take a gander at some of the good short crime fiction gracing the web these days:

 The Redemption of Tom Chatham by Garnett Elliott, at Beat to a Pulp. You don't see a lot of pirate pulp these days. Or have I been missing it?

The Master Bedroom by Anonymous-9, also at  Beat to a Pulp. Worthy of a Hitchcock episode. When will Anon make her/himself known? Can't hide that writing light under a bushel forever!

Cheryl's Whims, from Keith Rawson, is about a man who just can't find the strength to say no to his lady. This one has Keith's deliciously vulgar sense of humor all over it. (Relax, Keith, that's a compliment.)

The most compelling series I've seen online in quite a while, and it's really just in its infancy, is underway over at A Twist of Noir. Christopher Grant's flash-fiction contest entry is aptly titled Reverberations because it struck such a chord with other writers that they have scored new works based on Grant's original character, an unnamed deaf man. Right off, the irrepressible Jimmy Callaway followed Grant's story with Close-Captioned and Joyce Juzwik has done Christopher proud with her outstanding contribution, Blind Date.

And of course, I mentioned in a previous post a new short story featuring Hector Lassiter from Craig McDonald, Colt. You won't find this story on the web. This one is in a limited edition chapbook and you might still be able to land a copy at one of his future signings, but my copy is #248 out of 250, so maybe haunting eBay would give you better odds. Or you could visit Craig's blog and, if he has any copies remaining, you could try sucking up to him. Although I have to warn you, he has a pretty good BS detector. Those newspapermen, y' know.

I was delighted when CrimeFactory went live on the web, bringing a new outlet for short crime fiction and features. Now I'm happy to note that a paper-and-ink collection of short stories is in the works. Needle: A Magazine of Noir will be the result of a collaboration between Steve Weddle and John Horner. They already have a classy group of contributors lined up, including Patti Abbott, Hilary Davidson, Kieran Shea, and Jedediah Ayres. And Dave Zeltserman. Yeah, the one and only DZ. Imagine, a short crime story mag in old-fashioned paper, and it isn't named Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Nothing against EQMM, I am a subscriber (and that last issue is a total winner), but I think there's room for a mag that features edgier material. Stay tuned for news about Needle's first issue.


  1. It's been a smashing couple of weeks on the zines.

  2. Naomi, thanks for the mention. Your comments are going to make my whole weekend brighter. I just want to point out that Garnett's story and my story were both picked up by Beat to a Pulp, a site that gives a lot of support to writers. They publish big-time, established guys like Robert Randisi, but they also publish struggling newbies who deserve a shot.

    Naomi, thanks again for publicizing work that you think deserves a little attention.

  3. Anon, no doubt about it, David and Elaine do quality work over at Beat to a Pulp. I wish I could give all the attention to short fiction that the authors deserve, but if I tried, I would not only fall short but there would be no time for reading novels or occasionally dabbling in the short format myself.

  4. This is a great wrap up, Naomi. And that Colt work sounds like a future collector's item (great catch). Thanks for this.