The above illustration, "Blowing Bubbles," has been adapted for use here by generous permission from the artist, Cyril Rolando.

March 29, 2010

Short avalanche

In case you somehow missed Keith Rawson's one-man PR campaign on Twitter and Facebook, the second issue of CrimeFactory is now available in pdf form, as well as in format for three e-readers: Nook, Sony Reader, and the other one.  With new fiction by Ray Banks, Dave Zeltserman, Kieran Shea, Patti Abbott, Josh Converse, Stephen D. Rogers, and Gerard Brennan, you wouldn't think the issue could get any better. But add in new features from Jimmy Callaway, Reed Farrel Coleman, Chad Eagleton, and the Nerd of Noir, and it does get better. Add in a two-way interview between Charlie Stella and Craig McDonald, and I start to wonder whether Keith and his posse signed their deal with the devil in their own blood or someone else's.

Beyond that, I've been granted a sneak peek at 21, a volume of short stories by Dave Zeltserman. What a deliciously wicked mind that man has. Mix a shot of Hitchcock with a sip of Serling, top with the Zeltserman whammy, and you've got a reading cocktail that'll put you way over the legal limit. I think Mr. Z plans a Kindle edition for this collection, so be watching for news on that.

The prolific Mr. Z is everywhere these days. Not content with having two novels coming this year, working on his short-story collection, and gracing the pages of CrimeFactory, he will also have a story  in the soon-to-appear print magazine, Needle, which is the brainchild of over-achievers Steve Weddle and John Horner Jacobs. Besides Mr. Z, you'll find stories by Patti Abbott, Sandra Seamans, Eric Beetner, Hilary Davidson, Keith Rawson, and many more authors whose work is usually found only on the web.  Needle will be 100% unadulterated (but with some adultery) fiction. More details on publication and availability as I learn them.

The good folks at Spinetingler have seen fit to include me in their Conversations with the Bookless. If you're having trouble sleeping, try that on for size. Better than that, they have items coming later this week about Adrian McKinty, he of the peerless Fifty Grand, and Ken Bruen's "mythos." Looking forward to those, and I suggest you don't miss them.


  1. Michael, I was flattered to be asked.

  2. Nice interview, Naomi. You are as sweet as you seem.

  3. "Mix a shot of Hitchcock with a sip of Serling, top with the Zeltserman whammy, and you've got a reading cocktail that'll put you way over the legal limit."--thanks, Naomi, I like that, I'll have to use it in my marketing literature. The name of the collection is still up in the air, but the plan is to release an ebook version soon, and then later in the fall have a trade paperback out from New Pulp Press.

  4. Thanks for setting the record straight, Dave.

    Oh, Patti, if only you knew...

  5. Oooh, that DZ book looks good. And isn't Spinetingler pretty tasty these days? I'm saving Crime Factory but it looks great stuff. Needle should be a biggy too.

  6. I think you're going to enjoy Needle, Paul. And I like Spinetingler's change to a continuous format.