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March 25, 2010

Lighting up those vertebrae

I'm a long way from being the first to announce the 2010 Spinetingler nominations for Best Short Story on the Web, but then I first had to go through a box of Kleenex and see a grief counselor to help me cope with not finding my name among the nominees. Once I accepted that even the folks at Spinetingler are human, I was happy to note that one of the ten nominees was first posted here on The Drowning Machine, Sophie Littlefield's At Least I Felt Something. Sophie won second place in Corey's Watery Grave Invitational contest last year. Hilary Davidson also gained a Spinetingler nomination, although not for Beast which won the WGI. Like I said, the Spinetingler peeps are only human.

Looking back at the ten writers who initially received invitations to the WGI, besides Sophie and Hilary, there are four more who also received Spinetingler nominations: Michael Moreci, Frank Bill, Sandra Seamans, and Paul Brazill.

The other four authors nom'd for a Spinetingler are John Kenyon, Alan Griffiths, Anonymous-9, and Joseph Kiewlak. I recommend reading all of the nominated stories, as Spinetingler's selection is widely diverse, stylistically. And of course, there will be public voting on these stories soon, so you'll want to be an informed voter.

Webzines Beat to a Pulp had four stories nominated (is that a record?)and A Twist of Noir published three of the nominees. Plots with Guns published two, while  Pulp Pusher and The Drowning Machine each published one. I don't know how Corey feels about it, but to be the original publisher of even one nominated story seems like a pretty big deal to me, particularly as TDM is a blog, not a webzine, and does not regularly publish fiction. I can only guess how proud, and justifiably so, are those editors with multiple noms.

My congratulations to all of the nominated authors, and also to the publishers: David Cranmer, Christopher Grant, Anthony Neil Smith, Thomas P. Flynn, Tony Black, and Corey Wilde.

Since I've been talking up Corey's Watery Grave contest, this is probably a good time to announce its return on May 1. There will be some minor rule changes regarding word count and eligibility announced at that time, so stay tuned. I'll probably be soliciting volunteers for judging at that time as well.

But before that happens, Jen's Book Thoughts will be hosting Detectives Around the World Week in April, and I plan five consecutive days of posting in support of that event, including an author interview (only the second ever for TDM) and a mystery contest complete with (oo-ooh) prize. You don't want to miss it.


  1. Congrats to all the nominees (sorry about that, Naomi). This should be another great contest to read. Also looking forward to the 2nd WGI. Thanks, Naomi.

  2. I think I only had about three stories published last year, so I can't complain. But I like to complain, so I do! The nominated authors are really working at the craft while I'm more of a dilettante; I can honestly say that I did not have a better story than any of the nominees. And that's what hurts!

    I'm looking forward to the new WGI, too. I'm so opinionated and this will give me a chance to let that beast out of the cage for a good run.

  3. Michael, if you want to be a judge, e-mail me!

  4. Looking forward to the new WGI too!

  5. Paul, we'll be delighted to have you back. Best of luck on the Spinetingler, too!

  6. Great interview over at SpineTimgler, Naomi!