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January 1, 2010

Short stops #1

As Corey mentioned in a previous post, I've been assigned the pleasurable task of covering short crime fiction this year. Pleasurable because I write and enjoy reading the short form, but also agonizing, because my own recent efforts in this area have not been rewarded with any degree of satisfaction on my part.

But that's my problem.
What was not a problem was reading Patricia Abbott's slick, sick little tale about an artist who specializes in photographing the recently deceased, Raising the Dead. It's a cautionary tale wrapped around professional ambition and you can find it in Volume II, Issue 2 of The Back Alley.

I wasn't as taken with Matthew McBride's The Cleaner, a piece of flash fiction over at Ass Whuppin' Quarterly. A simple scene about a hit man waiting to make a hit at an airport parking lot left me confused by the shifting POV and the vague use of personal pronouns.

Robert Crisman warns the reader to be careful about who you hire -- and who hires you -- in his story about what happens when an employee screws up, How Ramon Dealt With the Help. I like the way Crisman used dialogue to convey attitude. You can submit your resume to him over at A Twist of Noir.

I'm not sure exactly what there is about Paul D. Brazill's writing that always informs me who the author is. Something Hitchcockian in his DNA, I'd guess, with a Serling gene splice. You can see what I mean in The Friend Catcher, a tale of new-found friendship gone slightly awry, posted at Michael John Grist's Zine.
Know about a story that I should read? Feel free to recommend a title to me and tell me where to find it. No BSP* permitted! And don't get carried away with your recommendations. Try to limit yourself to one title every week or two.

*Blatant self-promotion.


  1. A nice birthday present, Naomi. Thanks much!

  2. Happy birthday, and you're very welcome!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the Patti Abbott and Paul Brazill reads. I will have to check out these others.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for that Naomi! Really pleased you like it.

    Patti's story is brilliant but then she is brilliant, really.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed The Friend Catcher and will certainly be reading the others. BTW, Great Site!!

    Regards and Happy New Year, David.

  6. Paul Brazill, never lets us down. His stories are always entertaining.


  7. Gracias, Naomi! I'm really glad you liked the story. Feels good to see the review.
    Robert Crisman