The above illustration, "Blowing Bubbles," has been adapted for use here by generous permission from the artist, Cyril Rolando.

September 8, 2009

WGI: "Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat."

Yep, it's that time. Finally. Time to reach into the old magic hat - it only looks like a salad bowl - and draw out the names of the lucky winners of the highly-prized, much sought-after, ecstasy-inducing invitations to the Watery Grave Short Story Invitational.

These lucky ten will have until noon EST, September 23, 2009, to submit their original stories. Same restriction as for the entry stories: Not more than 2500 words.

Drum roll, please...

In the order the names were drawn, the invitations go to:
Michael Moreci
Hilary Davidson
Sandra Seamans
Frank Bill
Eric Beetner
Patricia Abbott
Cormac Brown
Mike Wilkerson
Jimmy Callaway
Sophie Littlefield

A HUGE thank you to all of the applicants, you made Phase One of this competition more of a success than I dreamed. Already you have given me the hope and courage to dream about a second WGI.

Many thanks to J. Kingston Pierce, over yonder at The Rap Sheet, for his generosity in spreading the word about the WGI, as well as to the various e-zines and authors and bloggers and tweeters who did the same. I'll drink a celebratory tot to each of yez.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.


  1. Congrats and good luck to you all!!

  2. Good luck everyone! I look forward to reading your stories.

  3. Congratulations and good luck. I read all the stories, and I'm looking forward to the new ones.

  4. Good luck to everyone! I can't wait to read the stories. How are you doing Corey? Must be very exciting.

  5. It's been more fun than I could have imagined, Bev. I can hardly wait until the new stories start rolling in.

  6. Good look to all. Every one a gem!

  7. And all the ones that didn't get drawn from the hat were wonderful too. You couldn't go wrong.

  8. Good luck to all and the real winners are the readers.

  9. This is all great stuff. Congrats to all.