The above illustration, "Blowing Bubbles," has been adapted for use here by generous permission from the artist, Cyril Rolando.

September 11, 2009

Odds 'n' ends

Air bubbles in the Watery Grave Invitational: Author Michael Moreci has excused himself from the competition. In accordance with my initial post on this contest, I drew one more name from the salad bowl hat and Keith Rawson has accepted the challenge. Keith is just coming off a week of R'n'R, so it's a little scary what his creative brain has had time to conjure.

Order the pizza - and plenty of it - early tomorrow; make sure the beer is stocked; take the phone off the hook at 7:45 pm; disconnect the doorbell: It's UGH USC vs OSU at 8 pm on ESPN. Go Bucks!

Belated congrats to Derek Jeter. That's some accomplishment, tying surpassing the great Lou Gehrig for career hits as a Yankee. Especially since no one (at this time) is thinking about putting an asterisk beside his name because of steroids. But even if they someday make a movie about Jeter, I doubt it could ever be anywhere near as wonderful as The Pride of the Yankees. A film that garnered 11 Oscar noms and took one of the statuettes home, that's tough to beat. And besides, they don't make'em like Gary Cooper any more.

If there's a better place in Columbus to get a gyro than The Gyro Shoppe, somebody better tell me now. Those ice-cold dolmades don't do anything for me, but the gyros are superb. And I never turn down baklava.

I'm finally getting out to support the arts a little next weekend. Little Theatre Off Broadway is staging The Importance of Being Earnest. Not my favorite of Oscar Wilde's work (that laurel goes to one of his poems, The Ballad of Reading Gaol), but I've never seen a live performance of it beyond the high school level. I have high hopes and low expectations.

And thanks to He Who Shall Be Nameless for Revolver remastered. I can't stop listening.


  1. Glad to see WGI not missing a beat. And I can't remember if I ever had a Gyro (way back when I had a half way decent stomach). But I had plenty of Falafels when I could (I now live vicariously through the diets of my loved ones).

    Congrats to Jeter, and I agree they don't make 'em like Gary Cooper any more. And innovative Tomorrow Never Knows must sound pretty fantastic on those remastered tracks. Thanks, Corey.

  2. Mmm baklava ... reminds me of a place I used to go to in Earls Court ... was looking forward to reading more stories from Mike M but good to see Mr. Rawson in th WGI ...

  3. A wonderful performance of TIOBE at Stratford in Ontario this year. Brian Bedford playing elderly aunt. But the New York version will have to suffice I suppose.

  4. Some records stand a long time. Gehrig's was that way. What an accomplishment for Jeter.

  5. I'd be tickled to see a NY production. Our Little Theatre Off Broadway happens to be in Grove City, Ohio.

    Stratford Festival - haven't been there in way too many years. You remind me of all I'm missing. Brian Bedford - I can't think of him without wanting to watch Disney's animated Robin Hood. My favorite Disney cartoon.

  6. I love Jeter and am so excited to see him surpass that record. While I am a die-hard Tigers fan, I love some Yankees!

    As a Michigan fan, I can't cheer for the Buckeyes, but I really don't like USC either. Maybe I just won't watch the game... GO BLUE!