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September 1, 2009

Green flag in the WGI!

And we are underway in the Watery Grave Short Story Invitational. From now until noon, September 8, 2009, you may submit your story links to my email as per the rules/caveats/blather outlined here:
1. In order to apply for an invitation the author must have a crime fic story of no more than 2500 words already published (as in posted for the public to read) in an e-zine before twelve noon EST, September 8, 2009. Your story posted on your own blog does not qualify.

2. From twelve noon EST, September 1, 2009, until twelve noon EST, September 8, 2009, applications for an invitation may be submitted in the following manner:

Email a link to your short work of crime fic (the link must connect to the e-zine posting of your story) to Please don't submit your entry early or late, they'll go to spam and die there. Your subject should simply say FICTION SUBMISSION, and the body of your email needs to contain only your name, the name of your story, and the link to your story. Do not send original material unless and until you are invited to do so.

3. An author may submit only one link. Not one at a time, just one link per author. So choose your best work, as long as it's not longer than 2500 words, because you only get one shot at an invitation.
If you're unaware how this competition works, you should probably read all the rules first, which you can do (as Declan Burke would say) by clickety-clicking here.

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