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August 26, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday

I started Richard Price's LUSH LIFE this morning. I have not read his work before. I read all the jacket blurbs first of course, and most of them praise his dialogue. There does seem to be a lot of it in these early pages, and it does have a natural feel; that doesn't always make it easy to follow on the printed page. But I'm only in the very early pages.

I saw ON DANGEROUS GROUND last night, it being the last night of the City Noir film series at the Grandview Library. Robert Ryan turned in his usual fine job of playing a man teetering on the precipice. I'm not sure I'd call the movie 'noir' though. Well, the first half or more is certainly noir, but after Ryan encounters Ida Lupino the movie suddenly turns into a romance wherein the man-going-bad is redeemed by the love of a good (and in this case, blind) woman. I was disappointed in the movie, but I was more surprised by the number of men at the post-film discussion who liked the romantic ending! How does that work, men liking a chick-flick ending to what started out as good, solid noir?

The weather turned cool enough today, oddly cool for August, that I gave into temptation and brewed up some homemade veggie-beef soup. With lots of Frank's Hot Sauce, America's great culinary gift to the world. The great thing about homemade soups (besides how good they are) is that there is no way to make just enough for me, so there's always leftover soup for tomorrow. And everyone knows that it's a universal given, soup always tastes better on the second day. So I guess I'll put off making that cauliflower au gratin until Friday.

I did something else today, something that is almost impossible for me to do: Took a couple dozen books to the Columbus Metropolitan Library and donated them to Friends of the Library. That's very hard to do, part with books. But sometimes some of them just have to make way for others.

I go to just about every library within a 30-mile radius, but the CML is really my home library, and it's a wonderful, wonderful place. But you know me, I could find fault with a saint. So I have to say that I really don't care for the way they handle the genealogy section. It's not that they're mishandling it, it's that research there is no fun now, for a number of reasons most of which have to do with my comfort and convenience. But aside from the way the genealogy section is now handled, CML is an absolutely top-notch library. It is, if not the finest, one of the top five public library systems in the country. You could look it up.

Waterfire occurs again this Friday night. Gotta get there early, get a good seat for BalletMet. You cannot beat free events like Waterfire. Beautiful, and when done as it was when held at North Bank Park, it was surreal. I thought I must be taking drugs, it was so otherworldly. When it moved to Genoa Park it became more a bit more like a community wienie roast. Not that bad, no, it's still very beautiful to see all those fires on the water, but it's minus the surrealistic, occasionally primeval quality it had at the previous location. But still, it's lovely and it's free and this time, they're adding BalletMet -- also free -- just after the lighting. Aside: BalletMet is performing Dracula again this fall, then retiring the production. Don't miss it, but leave the kids home. This version is for mature audiences.

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